Mercari: The Selling App Відгуки

Could be better

It could be better if you could add a shopping cart like eBay, I feel that without a shopping cart buying more than one bing at a time is hell on earth


Shirt came fast and looks same as seen in the picture

Basic and alright.

This app makes selling easy for very low fees. Yo can sell almost essentially anything as long as it’s legal, and Mercari makes it easy to ship your item by major mail carriers and easily lets you transfer your earnings to a bank account or you can use your earnings within the app to buy your own stuff if you choose. My only complaint is that the app used to let you contact the potential buyers who liked your listings to see if you could make deals between the two of you, and they took that feature away some time ago. Really wish it would come back.


i wanted to purchase a new phone on this app. i got scammed and lost 250 dollars. i recommend that if they ask you to pay on a different app you don't buy because they could scam you and mercari can't do anything about it. don't make the same mistake that i did. or even better, don't buy from this app

Amazing app

The customer service is exceptional! I was so scared to purchase from this app it being new but they made me feel comfortable and walked me through issues I was having and made sure I was happy with my purchase ! Great app they actually care !

Great Selling App

This app is perfect for selling. The app support is great, the method for shipping is easy, and they ensure that you will get paid. Great app and I recommend it to anyone who wishes to sell.

Mercari is great

Cheap shipment, very small website fee, lots of new products every day!!! Very good!!!

Excellent Selling/Buying Experience

I was recommended to ‘Mercari’ by someone I’m associated with. I had actually downloaded and browsed through several different apps, but I found myself wanting to sell and buy on Mercari above the other apps. I like how simple Mercari makes its selling process. With a few pictures and some additional details, you can list products under three minutes! Additionally, the app itself calculates the expected shipping costs and gives you different options (such as shipping yourself or a pre-paid label). I also am very happy that they show the selling fees up front and calculates final profit. I highly recommend this app, because it has an amazing interface and inquiry service. They replied within one day and clarified questions I had. They even have a useful “Promote” button that spreads the word about your lowered-priced product. The community itself is exceptional. Communication is succinct and respectful. I currently have had no issues with the buyers themselves. Thanks Mercari :)


This is a great app!! I have had so much fun browsing all the listings and buying. I just received my first order and was impressed!! The Miss Me jeans came quickly and were in great condition. They look brand new!! The seller was very helpful assisting me due to me accidentally ordering the wrong size. I will definitely be ordering more from this seller!! Am excited to receive my other items that I ordered!

Please don’t use this app pretty frustrating

After I was hit with a sliver of bad reviews from incompetent buyers (they took it down fortunately) and hit with a refund request from another buyer even though her refund request had fit the exact criteria of what their return policy doesn’t except they still excepted her return now I’m out my clothes and my money and I still have to wait for her to return my item it’s ridiculous and I have no way of contacting Mercari support at all. Because she has a more standing account with them than mine she was able to return something because it didn’t fit the way she wanted to.

Buying & selling

Best buying and selling app ever.

More Sales than eBay

We’ve been selling on eBay for years when it slowed down we decided to give this app a shot. We didn’t expect much. We started in 2016 and from then on Sales have been through the roof. What we can’t sell on eBay, we list it on Merc and 99% of the items have been sold within the week listed. You get paid on time and we transfer our funds every 2 weeks. No problems. Even though people do low ball we don’t mind, we believe it’s a number and we can negotiate and go from there. Customer Service is top notch (at least for us). Thanks Merc for making our dreams possible.


Best App Ever :)

Mercari is an awful app.

Mercari is a waste of time. They suspend/ permanently disable your account for stupid reasons such as advertising your closet name within your own closet, or even for incorporating a stock photo. It’s annoying after you invest time posting pictures, listings and descriptions. It’s even more annoying that you work so hard to collect a ton of 5-Star reviews, only to have your account removed. I hate the Mercari app.

Needs improvement

I love selling my items on Mercari and there are some good deals to be found but they need to make some updates to the shipping portion. Please update the app so that when a person buys more than one item you can ship them together!! How inconvenient to cancel on them and then bundle and then list again... it’s really quite ridiculous! Why doesn’t the same tracking number work for both. I sell on other platforms that are smart enough to know that multiple purchases will be shipped together. Even if I put please contact me first if buying multiples NEVER ONE does. Can’t be that difficult. Looking forward to improvement.

Frustrating aspects of selling, lack of support/communication with Team Mercari

There are a lot of reasons why I love this app—the extra income is great and selling is usually a seamless task. However, I’m beyond frustrated right now... I just spent over 5 hours posting items to sell. I received a warning stating one of my listings “MAY” have an FDA regulated product. The warning also states that this listing will be removed along with similar items I have posted. NONE of my listings contained an FDA regulated product. And ALL of the listings I have worked on for the last 5 hours are gone. 5 hours, plus the time I spent taking and editing pictures. And who knows if more listings have been deleted that I didn’t even notice. This isn’t the first time this has happened. Every time I have received a warning, it has been for this reason, and every time, it is unnecessary because I have never and will never post illegal or prohibited items. To add to the frustration, there is NO way to contact Mercari to discuss the issue. Sure, there is a “help center”, but it’s mostly Q&A. There’s no way to send an email, a message, nothing. Which is why I’m venting my frustration on this platform. I fully support having a “safe marketplace” and believe in the policies of the app, but Mercari has to find a better way of removing listings, starting with making sure a listing is deemed inappropriate and not just “maybe”. Maybe flag a listing, temporarily deactivate it, until you receive acknowledgment from the seller that they have a prohibited item, or give us a way to communicate. I just can’t get over how much work I just lost, for no reason.

Last update

The last update makes it almost impossible to reach y’all if a buyer hasn’t rated and it’s been more then 3 days. I’m still. waiting to be paid and it’s been over a week.


I wouldn’t recommend this app to my worst enemy. Over a year ago I left a review about how my account was suspended for “suspicious activity”. Now over a year later, I try to see if they would let me back in. They still won’t let me!! Like how ridiculous is it in the first place that they suspended my account because I had asked for them to change the address on the item I had just ordered because my friend had her address on there, and I had forgotten to change it before buying??? They literally sent me an email saying they were going to change the address for me no problem. Then not long after that told me that they had cancelled my order and was suspending my account?? That’s no reason to suspend an account. Now like over a whole year late and I still can’t even be given the chance to have access again. The only reason I liked this app was because the shipping is cheap and they didn’t take such a huge fee like other sites. This is app is like walking on eggshells. 🤷🏻‍♀️. Not to mention my other friends account was suspended for no reason. She literally bought something and when she received her package they immediately told her that her account was suspended. She literally didn’t do anything?? Enjoy the app while you can because they’ll find something to suspend you for.

LOVE this app!

I’m so happy I downloaded Mercari! I just made my first purchase today and I couldn’t be happier! It’s so easy to search for what you’re looking for, and the communication between buyers and sellers is great as well! I’ll definitely be recommending this app to my friends! One thing that I would suggest changing is to make a filter where you can search for items by state. But overall, a great app!!

Is there a function to hide “Sold” items at will in searches?

I like Mercari, but would like it better if I could do a search without hundreds of already Sold items mixed in with what is actually still for sale. It is a big time & energy waster and frustrating. While it is nice to see what items have sold for, it would be better to have them in a separate area as other sites have. Why can you not do it for a general search like you have for individual sellers where you can slide the button to hide or reveal past sales while searching their listings? I tried your “Help” section, which is useless on this issue.

What a waste!!!!!

After spending 2 hours trying to figure out how to actually list some and get a picture loaded—the app timed out 5 or 6 tones so I finally sent it to my email to get it on the website, it says the price must be between $3 and $2,000. I put in a price of $3. This seems more than fair for an older cassette tape. I tried every way I could think of to out the price in but the stupid thing just keeps telling me what I already know—the minimum price is three dollars—NO it’s not because the app won’t take it. It’s worth what it cost NOTHING. I take the only review posted was the only one they could find. All the appropriate names were taken.

Good overall

Fees are kinda high. Lots of users though so its easy to sell your items.

I can’t see anything.

Downloaded the app today and entered my information to view my posts. Nothing comes up, with WiFi without WiFi deleting the app and re-downloading.. nothing works. Wouldn’t recommend, just go online. Items do sell fast on the site though.

Adding photos only works half the time. WONT POST

Pointless, on to the next app. Just ridiculous, it won’t even let me post listings, it just times out. Have never has this problem until recently.

I don’t know what happened

I was in the middle of listing some items and using the app and all of a sudden it crashed! I don’t know what happened, i thought it was just my phone but it’s not. My listed items went away but then they come back. And i tried calling customer service but i was on hold for 15 minuets! Please fix this. I was in the middle of talking to a customer when this happened.

Problem loging in

Isnt letting me log on i put my account on etc and it says it loaded but still on the load screen

Poor experience

I installed the app a few days ago after seeing it being mentioned on Facebook. I have a poshmark account so figured why not give it a try. Well let me tell you in the middle of taking to a seller the app completely shut off and deleted my account. After reading numerous reviews I discovered that this has happened to many people. Your account gets deleted without a warning.

Love love love

Love this app bought most of my babies clothes on here. And just to make sure to check people’s reviews before you buy.

mercari is contradicting themselves

so i’ve been using mercari for a while now and i like it, it works well. but up until yesterday i had all the badges but now i don’t, and its not even my fault! basically someone bought something from me and i had it all really nicely packed up JUST about to send it to the post office when all of a sudden i get an email from mercari telling me that my buyer has requested to cancel my order and to please cancel it if i hadn’t shipped it yet. (by the way, at this point it has been less than an hour since the buyer bought the item) so, thinking it was the right thing to do, that’s what i do, i cancel the order. right as i cancel i get ANOTHER email from mercari telling me to “please be sure to keep my listings up to date in order to avoid having to cancel orders” because “excessive cancellations may impact my standing as a seller” and then, next thing i know, my “reliable” badge is gone! & i didnt at all intend to cancel it in the first place! but the buyer wanted me to cancel, probably because it was some kid buying stuff their parents did not want them to buy. so mercari, you’re telling me that if i do my buyer a favor, i get consequences? please fix this!!

Mercari is a Scam , Use Poshmark

Mercari is a scam. Everything I seem to bring my sales up they seem to find a reason to delete my account. I had a listing that said “BESTSELLER ❗️ THESE SELL QUICK❗️ SCROLL DOWN MY PAGE TO SEE THE OTHERS IVE SOLD -FIND OTHER SIZES ON MY PAGE AND BUY” and they told me my listing included excessive words so I deleted it and changed it and the deleted my listing again and deactivated my account. If your going to delete a listing and someone’s account you could at least be more specific in what they need to change in their listing so the person can be aware before you just automatically delete their account and when they delete your account they hold all your funds and you will never receive them.

App problem

I’m new this app. And I have 7 items to sell, however 5 of the items could not get passed shipping! Whenever I chose me as shipper, the app took me to Shipping and no further. I just saved these items as draft. 😒. So the next day I tried to correct it but the same thing happens.

Great underground raw real art that will mk u feel something

Great underground raw real art that will mk u feel something . And for the price that’s crazy . I will buy more for more $ next time .I know how it feels not have ppl appreciate your wrk that came from. Go check mine out if time

Great and all but...

I’ve been using this app for awhile and it’s been working smoothly and all for the most part. You can find cool stuff on there and it’s such an easy process but there’s one catch; you have to entrust this app to make sure your cards that you pay with are safe. Since having this I’ve had one person try to hack my card and if it happens once it’s going to happen again. Now I’m just saying this from personal experience with apps like this. Be careful!

They're a joke

I used it for so long and had so many great reviews and they deleted my account saying I had another when I did not. Come to find out, they deleted my mom's account too, saying I ran both?? So only one person in a family can have an account? They're customer service is terrible and honestly such a joke. They hit you with automated messages and threaten to not release payments. You'll love it at first, but just wait. Ps don't bother emailing, calling, or FB messaging them, they don't reply.

Looks promising!

I haven’t made any sales yet, so I can’t give this a full 5 stars solely because I have not experienced the transaction/payment process of this app for myself just yet. However, this app seems very neat so far. I love that we can ship our items rather than meet up like most marketplace apps. I enjoy several features, such as the mini pricing calculator during the listing set up. It’s let’s you know exactly what you’re going to receive in profits with the fees and shipping included. I also like how much traffic I’m getting to my profile, with the ability to see how many views and likes my items are getting. My only complaint so far is the shipping of first class, which is a little pricey. I’m also a sellar on another platform, and my items normally ship for a lost less given the weight of the item. However, I’m unfamiliar with how the “ship with your own label” works so far, so I’d rather play it safe with the prepaid label. Perhaps a small guide on how to use your own labels would be helpful. I would like to see a few features added. Firstly, when choosing a category for your listing, a pop up of suggested categories appears. While this is certainly helpful, I already know my routine categories and it’s a little tedious having to close this each time it pops up to go about my usual way. I’d like to see a feature where we can disable/enable this if we so chose to. My other suggestion would be a bulk editor for the little things maybe, such as editing multiple tags. All my listings have common tags and I’d like to be able to remove/add/edit them without having to do it one by one. Ultimately, I’m enjoying this app, both as a potential seller and buyer, and I’m looking forward to seeing what else Mercari has to offer! UPDATE (7-16-18): So after making a few sales, there are a few things I don’t really like. Like others, I’m not too keen on the wait for my funds to be released. Especially when I need to make a quick and urgent buck to make ends meet. Another thing, I really dislike that in order to transfer your funds to your bank, it needs to be over $10. Anything less, there is a $2 fee. I made a $10 sale, but with the fees, I was left with $9 that I couldn’t deposit. So I got tired of waiting for another sale and purchased something. I currently have $2 in my Mercari account that I cannot deposit. And it’s been there for about a month. I really wish they would just get rid of this feature and allow us to deposit whatever amount of funds we have.

Over it.

I’m a buyer and the changes are awful. Saved searches are gone, maybe I’m missing something here? Deleting the app after my current purchases are processed.

The update helped!

I am about DONE selling on this app. I got flagged by someone that THINKS I am trying to sell an unauthentic Gucci bag. I have TWO purses that are high end listed and my stuff is 100% authentic and paid for in the actual store. I find it funny that they haven't flagged the others that blatantly sell FAKE MAKEUP, BAGS AND JORDANS. I am DONE with that app. The update worked for a while but now it's back to what it was although it doesn't take 7 mins to load rather 1 minute or 2. however I love the app I sell MANY items on here and it's a very fast easy transaction. I prefer it way over eBay or Poshmark. Original review: I do not know if it's just on my end however whenever I open the app it takes about 5-7 minutes for the pictures of items for sale to show up. I I my see price and detail of an item but not the actual pictures. Is it because I refuse to update apple software? It's very annoying.

First time user

Great first experience! Fast. Efficient. User friendly!!! Definitely will use again!!!


Hi, *Please NOTE when something is done about a few easy things that would be easy to add or change, I will gladly change my review to all 5 stars as I have been otherwise happy accept for a few things that NEED to be changed to make this easier for sellers to sell & provide customers w/a better shopping experience! PROS: I've been selling on this app for awhile now & for the most part I really like it. I love that the fees they take from sales are VERY reasonable. As long as you are truthful, accurate in your descriptions & have your own good pics, provide xllnt customer service you'll be fine. When in doubt join FB groups, they are very helpful for sellers to learn all sorts of things & contact Mercari support if you can get ahold of them for help.(This will be difficult, read on) CONS: MERCARI THIS IS WHAT YOU NEED TO FIX! 1- Please implement a way for sellers to organize their sales page so it doesn't look like an unorganized mess of random items! Do you realize people would buy more if they were able to see "like items" w/"like items"? You've fixed listings so we can now move our photos around in which ever order we want, why can't you do the same for our sales page? Make it so we can move our listings around, drag & drop them so they are in a somewhat organized manner!! Or create a feature that automatically categorizes our listings automatically when we list them, just like you do for the entire site, do the same for each sellers sales page. Or do something because it is impossible to keep things organized when you have over 600+ listings & growing, things are being bought & relisted all the time! Trying to relist this many items daily or even weekly just to keep them in some kind of order is impossible & a HUGE waste of valuable time, a luxury many don't have due to other life responsibilities. Help us sell better! I can't tell you how many times I've had customers tell me they didn't realize I had so many of a certain category of items because they were not all together, some were together, then the others were mixed randomly w/all kinds of other items. These customers would have purchased more had they known I had more! Many customers DO NOT scroll all the way thru sellers with hundreds of listings or more, so they are missing out on seeing items because if the unorganization. It would help everyone, including you, if sellers had an easy way to organize their sales page so when a customer clicks on it they can easily see all the women's, men's or kids clothing is separately organized together, all the jewelry is together, all makeup & beauty items together, all video games together, all home goods together, all electronics together, all shoes together, etc & so on! Even categories within categories would be super helpful but at least start w/some way for sellers to easily organize their listings together! 2- Implement an option for customers to bundle or make a bundle request or offer. So many new buyers end up buying things separately having to pay separate s/h for each item. Its really bad when the items a buyer has bought are very small or lightweight & several of these items could easily be shipped in 1 box for 1s/h fee + save sellers time & $$! 3- Your customer service is not good. Sellers should be able to contact you under any circumstance & not have to be directed to a bunch of pre answered questions that have NOTHING to do w/what a seller may need immediate help with! This effects the customers too! For the love of GOD please add an option for sellers to contact you under any circumstance if they can't find the answer w/your pre answered questions that most of the time are of no help unless a seller is Brand New & is still learning how things work. *This is useless for all longtime seasoned sellers. Because you don't have this it forces sellers to find an option or topic that has NOTHING to do w/their issue just so they can get in contact with you. This can add a delay in getting the appropriate type of help one needs because the only way to contact you was by picking a topic that has nothing to do w/what we may need your help with. This too effects buyers if the issue involves a buyer. Also, you need to give more than 500 characters or more space for a seller to describe their urgent or unique issue, especially when it takes up 1/2 the space to explain the reason we're contacting you has nothing to do w/this topic, it was just the only way to get in contact w/you! 4- The new shipping options are awful. You may have been trying to save or make more $$ off shipping by this new change BUT 1st Class Shipping takes FOREVER & by taking away PRIORITY MAIL you have forced sellers to have to spend more money on shipping supplies as we can no longer use the free Priority Mail boxes from USPS & you are making the customer wait much longer to get their order. This has also forced many sellers to raise their prices to cover the extra expense, hence effecting sales. Fed Ex is awful. They are slow & mishandle boxes all the time! This also has forced sellers to spend more $$ to send items that need to be boxed. AND on top of all this Fed Ex will NOT pick up boxes from your home unless you pay them to & the fee is ridiculous. *So for all of your disabled sellers who cannot jump in the car or have no transportation, to drop off a box at a Fed Ex location that will even take boxes, you have done a huge disservice too. This also effects buyers. And for what, to save $.05?? Please bring back the Priority Mail option! I do hope you read this & actually do something about all of or some of this. Most of these things are easily done & again would help all of us, YOU, your HARD WORKING sellers & all your FAITHFUL BUYERS! Fix some of this & I will gladly rewrite & re rate my review because I do like Mercari a lot, you just need better organization, tools for sellers & hire a few people in your customer service department!

Actually the best

Takes a reasonable percentage of sale and does things like covering the cost of a first time shipment mistake- awesome app

First time

Received my item seller was super nice. Way better site than other ones I’ve tried.


Overall good app. I love the messaging feature and the offer button. However, the limitations on offers kind of defeat the purpose of the offer button; I should be able to offer any amount. I also get a lot of unnecessary notifications, like “it’s been awhile since you’ve been on the app,” so I had to turn my notifications off. Other than that, the app is great and helpful!


Its a cool app but i shouldnt have to wait three days to get approved to get my money when the buyer goes MIA. Also i shouldnt have to wait a whole week for my money to be deposited in my bank account. Im selling stuff obviously because i need the money. Smh

Needs new payout options.

His app is great but it needs new payout options. Not everyone wants to wait to receive their money. Paypal needs to be included within the next update(s) please.


This app promises that if you don’t receive your order, they will refund you. Well, the seller I bought a watch from blocked me after I made the payment, and I haven’t received my watch. I have tried calling customer support and nobody picked up. I have sent multiple emails over the course of the week and I got one response what asked if I would like a refund. I answered back yes multiple different times, and I am getting no response back, and no refund has been issued. Their customer survive is horrible and I might be out of $170 because of this scam of an app. I’m looking to report them somewhere because this is absolutely not okay. If I could give 0 stars I would.


I gave a rating of 1 star because I can’t get in contact with anyone to ask questions. I’m scared of getting scammed.

Don’t sell on this app if you want your money

If you live in the state of California you can not use the money you earn to purchase other items on Mercari. You HAVE to give them very detailed bank account info to have them transfer money to your bank. Not secure enough for me. I’m sorry. I feel like I have wasted my time selling on your app, only to find out that I can’t use my balance to shop. OH, did I mention that I could not even find that info on the app?! It’s tricky to get the answers you want! I googled it and found myself with a ton of other angry clients. I would like the money I’ve earned while selling (and paying your fees) on your app, without giving out my very personal checking account number and bank info! I would rather something more secure, like being able to spend what I make, back on your app! Seriously disappointed. Once I figure out how to get my money, I’m done with this company.

do not download this app

this app scams you. i got this app and purchased two items and neither of them shipped it out within a week or responded to my questions asking about a tracking. i am very disappointed in this app and i want a full refund

Terrible Customer Service

I have been a Mercari buyer and seller for quite awhile with a 5 star rating. There was a duplicate charge for an item I purchased two of. My bank initiated an investigation due to the duplicate charge on my behalf. Mercari took it upon themselves to terminate my account and won’t give me my money for items I’ve sold. Absolute joke.


I attempted to purchase an item from two different “sellers”. Both times I passed up the opportunity to purchase said item from other venders, thinking I’ve already purchased it. So while those opportunities came and went, I was waiting to receive my item. Unfortunately the sellers somehow were able to cancel the transaction weeks into the purchase. I’m not sure how, but I think that money is just being utilized and then returned (hopefully) after it’s been used. Or maybe it’s just full of sellers that inexplicably change their minds about selling the products they’ve posted.

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