Mercari: The Selling App Відгуки

Mercari is okay

A bit frustrating when you’re trying to re-list a prior sold item. A quantity and size options would be great instead of posting several posts. Posting several of different sizes, ie shirts, you later get flagged for violating rules, when in reality you have stock of the same Item just different sizes. Posting at times doesn’t show up in searches and I’ve contacted support to address this. Luckily the buyer kept searching to purchase the item, but I’m sure that must also be frustrating for a buyer. Mercari needs updates to facilitate easier selling, that ultimately generates them more money. 9.20.18 - App is crashing with new IOS12

The payment

It takes forever to receive the payment

New Update Causes Crashes

App was working great until I updated it about 30 minutes ago and now it crashes every time i open it.

Complete trash. -100%

I thought I’d try selling again on this app after deleting it from my phone years ago. Went back to post another thing to sell and it said I was suspended indefinitely. And i KNOW for a fact that I did nothing wrong back then. I read the terms and conditions 10x over and over again and there was STILL nothing I did wrong. So I tried to delete that account and then go back to make another. NOTHING. HAPPENED. It just says “you can’t sign up anymore”. Not only is that entirely messed up, but that shows you don’t care about your users. I’ve reached out to the Mercari team numerous times. To no response or they’ll tell me I did something wrong. Which you could tell I clearly didn’t do. I thought the full stars meant you guys had changed. But apparently that’s not true.

Brown boots

They are just as they were shown. Thank you


App is easy to use. I feel the quality of items sold/listed on this app aren’t high end or always in Excellent Condition so the price points are lower than I have seen on other selling apps. Great for the buyer I suppose. Depending on what you buy. As for the seller, if you have items you want decent money for, don’t list on here. Spend the time to do it with E bay or Posh. Quick get rid of it, list it here.

Best ReSale App!!

The lowest fees and the quickest payout reaching a very large audience!

First time user!

Took long to get my item, over a week. The item was a brand new lipstick that should have been in a box and it was loose. Disappointed!

Nice app honestly

Download it I’m just here for the shoes


I think this APP TAKES WAY TOO MUCH of your profit when selling items, but if you are ok with that then this app is for you.


Mercari is a great way to sell things around the house!! another great thing is, everything is shipped. no meeting. i totally recommend Mercari❤️


Nice site. But... it keep showing alerts for new items and they are the same things I was alerted to a few days before kinda annoying

Better than EBay and other selling apps

I have fall in love of the way the app save you time and money from the selling perspective. It has a better price it terms of shipping and handling than other apps or even eBay!


Horrible app! I’m getting scammed 130$ and no way to contact anyone I used to love it until they scammed me and had no way to contact anyone.


Mercari is a trash app run by money hungry vultures. Mercari will delete your account for NO reason and cancel any transactions/sells you made ultimately not letting you get paid for the sell you made. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME AND ENERGY ON THIS BUG APP. Give your clothes to goodwill and don’t depend on people for your money because they will screw with it. This app needs to be deleted!

Great site to sell or buy

I love Mercari. I’ve always had a positive experience. Buyers and Sellers are legit. Mercari works hard to make sure of this. I prefer Mercari over all other platforms of this type.


They will suspend you for spending too much money

Great vendors

Everything I’ve bought has been exactly as pictured & described. The vendors have been great to work with. Love this site!

I love this side ****


Not helpful

It is an easy app to sell things through, and I have been using it for about 2 years. I usually have no problem with making a direct deposit from the app to my bank account. However, about 3 months ago my transfers started not going through and haven't since then. I contacted them 6 different times and every time I got the same prewritten response and they blamed me for it. In addition, it charged me $2 every time it didn't work even though it wasn't my fault. Disappointed in an app I used to love

Deceptive fraudulent practices

I have had great luck selling things, because I sell exactly what I show. However I was buying a piece of lingerie in a xl that was featured on a model , with a thong back and a open crotch. When I received the item, I did not get the item the model was wearing. It was a u bottom granny back , not a thing bottom or a open crotch. It was a cheaply made Chinese outfit that wouldn’t fit a 5 year old. The customer service declined my return saying they don’t return for size. However my complaint was it wasn’t the item pictured on the model. I wrote them several times, and they did nothing. I will alert the Better Business Bureau , worst yet is since I opened a claim , I couldn’t rate the seller and warn other buyers against the fraudulent practice , from this seller. Highly disappointed, and dissatisfied with Mercari CustomerService. I want the item I ordered, when I wasn’t supplied the item I ordered, the site should of refunded my money. I will post this and share this with everyone I know. I am An influencer and top reviewer w Ebay and Amazon, along with Instagram , Snap Chat, Twitter, and Facebook. This could of been fixed, except the return team is way too lazy. Buyer Beware, sellers are protected not the buyers. Spend your money with caution, and remember if a claim is opened against a seller, you’ll never see it, because once you open a claim you don’t get to review a seller, so they could have a really bad score and no one will know. Please fix this, and contact me if you want the name of the customer service rep and seller. My seller name is glamourpuss , and I have only purchased one negligee. Please Fix Sincerely Stacey

Seller since 2015

Mercari has really improved to quicker ratings or payment if ratings haven’t been submitted. I have learned a lot from trouble shooting if items are lost a buyer has a question I can always ask frequently asked questions. They have decent shipping costs. From time to time I shop mostly I sell anything. I like that they offer promotions, discounts, and suggest price drops if an item is liked. All in all 5 star from all the improvements I have seen since becoming a Mercari user seller buyer since March 2015.

I love it .

It’s a great app to sell valuable stuff you don’t use .


the application is safe?

Simple Sales

This app is so easy for transactions online transactions. So much easier than EBay! Must try!!

if i could rate it 0 i could.

i ordered an iphone 6s and it didn’t come in the mail, which wasn’t the apps issue. the issue is the support team. after getting all the information i needed to them about the refund i don’t hear from the support team for DAYS. the last thing i heard from them was the fact they didn’t go through with the refund. it was because “i didn’t turn everything in on time”. i lost $200+ from the fact the support team never messaged me back in time. i’m still upset about it.

Pink lover

Awesome app

Great for selling items

Great app and easy to sell items that no long have use to the seller. I really like the easy hassle free transaction.


If you are planning to be a seller they will not treat you fair anything the buyers tells them they will believe even if you have good reviews they don’t care it’s too many scammers that will get you out of a lot of money sell you stuff elsewhere where they care about honest sellers LISTEN TO ME THESE REVIEWS ARE FAKE AND PAID REVIEWS DONT TRUST THEM THEY WILL RIP YOU OFF AND SUSPEND YOU

Great buying app

I love this app, there are some good deals here!

Some feedback

I love this app for buying and selling. I do have a few things that really need to be changed before a lot of people quit this app. I would love for the possibility to either report buyers or rate them poor when the refuse to communicate or rate a seller. It’s ridiculous that they get zero repercussions for being so rude and inconsiderate. Plus if I choose not to sell to them and cancel my transaction I get the negative mark? How is that protecting sellers at all? Another thing would be nice to send photos in the messenger part. If someone wants to see a close up of an item. Or be allowed to use emojis so I can convey my tone better and avoid any miscommunication. I also think how long it takes to get paid is ridiculous . Not only do you wait 3 days to be rated and then more time after that before the money can ever hit your bank. I do like that we’re finally able to use the funds to purchase items but would love an instant transfer to my PayPal option through this app. Would definitely have me investing more time in the app if the turn over pay was quicker. Other than these points the customer service reps have been fantastic and polite and helpful and apart from the crappy buyers I keep running into everything else goes smooth Hope they fix this issues soon to make this a more enjoyable selling experience and less frustrating

First order

Easy items was shipped quickly will use again I will soon be putting things up for sell


This is a great app for buying; lots of great bargains! The cust svc people are very frustrating to deal with!!! Short staff or intentionally ignoring my removal request of an unfair,inappropriate feedback from a bad conceited seller?!? A seller exposed publicly I mentioned her street name on my private conversation with her. Out of excitement after I saw her address on the mailer,I mentioned I was in that neighborhood that entire day prior to picking up the package @ my family’s home @the end of that day. Wow, she overeacted & accused not feeling safe when she’s the one that exposed that to public!!! That was absurd!!! I dont appreciate that ranting after I let her get away with the item’s flaws not described on her listing. I told her I wont fuss so she won’t lose her sale $ !!!! I deeply regret being easy & kind!!! Why can’t I edit my feedback to her,change it to poor & say I received the item & didn’t match her description & that she is unfriendly, conceited & wicked?!? Why aren’t these CSR people doing the right thing?!?

Would give 5 Stars But...

My main problem with Mercari is 1. that the shipping on ALL my items get changed. I select for both USPS and Fedex but only the selection for Fedex stays. I would like my buyers to have the option of selecting either. Maybe this is a bug so I hope this gets fixed because it is irritating. 2. You can't share item like other apps so the listings just sit there waiting to be seen then get forgotten about until you use the promote button. Which I wish was only 5% less from the past 30 days rather than Historically. But this app is pretty simple to use. And it takes less percentage than others so that's a plus. And the waiting to be rated like many of these other reviews doesn't bother me. However, to tranfer without a $2 fee I have to have $10+ and right now I'm at $9. -_-

Great selling and buying app

Love love love this app! I both sell and buy since 2016!


this app has banned me for doing absolutely nothing! i barely joined the app and I was banned?? I contacted them but they never responded. Very dissatisfied!!


do not use this app. although you may get some sales, the company will end up taking your money and won’t give it back

I consider myself a veteran

One of the greatest selling apps out there with the cheapest shipping. Nobody can beat it!

Blacklisted phones

I bought an iPhone through the app later to find out it was blacklisted by the seller. Mercari refused to refund me because I reviewed the seller. The seller should be punished not me.

Horrible Customer Service

The telephone and email customer service is horrible. They take too long to respond to your questions, no matter how simple or complex. The telephone customer service automatically hangs up on you after 10mins of waiting for a representative.

False accusations

Would rate 0 stars if possible. I’m a seller on this app trying to buy and resell items. I sell items such as supreme and shoe items because there is a fair profit margin. I don’t know if it’s a competitor or what, but someone keeps reporting me for counterfeit items even though the items I sell are 100% real and legit. I now have a 24 hour ban because of this. And there is no way for me to fight against it. Do not use this app to sell anything that is highly sought after. Terrible app.

Great buying and selling

This app is very easy to use. I’ve bought a few things that I’m very pleased with! I still want to start selling. I like that they hold the money until you give your satisfaction of your items!

Great for buying and good for selling

Love this app, wish i got more views on my items for sale but for buying I always find a great deal!

Worst selling app ever

I sell authentic designer items, all proven authentic, Mercari decided to suspend my account over false allegations within 10 minutes of opening my account, I assume it’s an automated bot but this is the worst app ever, if I were you I would either use poshmark or OfferUp, you’ll have better chances there then you would ever have using Mercari, I saw actual fake replica items that were listed at obviously low relics prices yet somehow they were up and going?!? Doesn’t make sense...

In love with this site!

Way better then any other pre owned selling site!❤️

Needs Changes/Fixing

App constantly changing Cant see pictures from app for months now have to log in On my Browser which can’t make Offers! Now can’t open/but doesn’t allow me to update. Other Platforms work better and are Easier to navigate/always work!

Athletic wear!

My favorite site for women’s athletic wear.

Why did you change it?!?!

Okay so usually when I’m getting ready to ship something I click the button that lets me print my label. When for some reason it’s not there and It won’t let me print my label. It keeps saying item number saved to clip board but I can’t find clip board and I’m pretty sure that’s not the label. I went and tried clicking the help button but nothing works so I don’t know how I’m gonna ship my package. Other then that change, it’s a great honest app.

It’s so fun!!

I’ve been really enjoying this app!! It becomes addicting!! Lol

Crawl before you walk.

So far so good, no scams yet Thank God!!

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