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Needs Improvements

Although I have push notifications enabled on the app and in my phone settings, I never receive any notifications or badges when people comment on my listings. This is really frustrating, as days often go by before I realize a comment was made and only after I decide to go in the app and check. Please fix!

Not as bad as they say

I havent really had all the problems of previous reviews. I sell things like games, electronics, and clothes. So far so good. Just make sure to do business with people who have good reviews. I have made over $200 so far.

Love it!!

I go between Mercari and Posh. Great way to make money without them taking out money like posh. I enjoy it! They are very strict about counterfeit items and scammers.


Love this app!!! Its fun and safe. I have brought 4 items. As well its addictive lol! The sellers are helpful and even sold two things!! Very nice and diverse :)

Great app!!

I loved it really I actually did get the right package and I actually am very happy with it so thank you !!!

Greatest app ever.

Mercari is 10 times better than eBay because the seller doesnt get paid until they receive the item. So no one can not send the item or send the wrong thing or even lie about contrition. Because then you can contact mercari and send it back for free. Ive had an experience like that and it was totally one thanks to mercari. Ive sold some things too and its great. Over all 10/10 best buying/selling app Ive ever seen.


Excellent site to buy and sell on, shame so many untrustworthy people try to rob others of their hard, honestly earned money, other than that, I really enjoy buying and selling to honest people here.

Worst worst worst app ever

I sold lots of designer stuff And had 176 good ratings from suddenly mercari banned me for just one buyer return item claimed the item was faked. Horrible customer service

Love it

I love this app, especially because of the invite friend feature for credit.

very good

very good app good costumer service and accurate

Just be mindful

I love this app I order a lot of things and have sold some things. You just need to make sure you know 100% what your buying dont be afraid to ask because I didnt ask and just assumed and I didnt get exactly what I thought it was but it was what it was and I still enjoy the product (: I plan on using this app for a long time


Basically like ebay but u can get free money credits if u invite others!


They will allow your money to be taken amf allow you to be ripped off by being sent broken items that arent what you bought!! THERE IS NO CUSTOMER SERVICE AT ALL! I kept getting automated emails saying I was trying to sell illegal prescription medication and my items were taken down because of it and I was selling INSULIN PUMP SUPPLIES that is a COMPUTER and isnt medication AT ALL! HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE business!

Terrible Customer Service

Worst customer service by far!

few problems!

I chose this app to sell on over vinted or poshmark bc they dont take out a portion of the money you make. So far ive sold 10 items (1 pair of shoes, the rest clothing) for anywhere from $3 to $15. i tend to put my prices down pretty low. i didnt think id make any money as this app isnt as popular as poshmark or vinted but some of my items have been sold within a minute of putting it up, literally. i have never had an item removed but to avoid having that happen to you, read the faq to know the dos and donts of mercari. i also have never had any issues with customer service like others reviewers have. it is an automated message but a representative emails you back following the automated message (can sometimes take up to 24 hours tho) some things i would change: -be allowed to add more than 4 photos -for pants sizes, have them as a size 0, 2, etc instead of waist sizes (24 in, 25 in, etc) -allow vacation mode for sellers going on vacation (you can deactivate the listings while youre gone and then reactivate them later but that can take a while if you have a lot of listings).

great app

love this app, its so addictive, Im always buying and selling, I recommend it to everyone!!!

Love it

I really enjoy this app. You can find literally anything for super cheap. I like that you can negotiate directly with the sellers. If anything goes wrong, Mercari reimburse you. Easy!

One thing missing

By far the best app with the exception of one feature that its lacking, vacation mode. Ive contacted administrators to add this over the 6 months Ive used it. So without this feature a seller is forced to change the status of each listing individual listing to a maximum ship date of 5 days or deactivate each listing. When you have several hundred listings, you can see how time consuming to deactivate and then reactivate.

Horrible customer service

Beware of this site. Its nice if there is never an issue, but good luck if you have a problem(especially as a seller). You have no protection. When you email customer service they simply copy and paste a response to you based on keywords in your inquiry. Youre much better protected using PayPal invoicing or eBay. Will never use to sell an item again.


I love this app! Always find what I need!!

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