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Great app

Awesome app, perfect for someone trying to sell new and old products .

Going well so far

I have recently starting buying and selling with mercari. Seems like a great app to use so far. I do find the messaging a little hard because there really arent any instructions that I can find how to make sure your message gets to the right person when multiple people reply on one item. Im sure I will figure it out soon enough. Overall I like the app and will continue using it.

Great app

I got like 10 things for free cuz of the codes

Bad Business

This app is ridiculous I sold a item and waited a couple of days, then the app canceled my item, this app is stupid and it really wasted my time. Dont get this app smh I really think this app is a scam you cant even talk to costumer service smdh......... plz I repeat, PLZ DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP !!!!!!!!!

Awful app!

Wish I could leave less than one star. awful app. awful customer service. items priced higher than retail. lots of fake items claiming to be authentic. my account got deleted because someone in my house uses the same address as me so they were trying to say I had two account because the same address was used. I messaged customer service multiple times asking how can you delete my account just because someone has the same address as me? other people live with me. we have different names and different bank accounts. every time they replied it was like it was an automated message. never answered my questions and just redirected me to "your account has been deleted indefinitely due to the same address being used on multiple accounts". absolutely ridiculous! "customer service" is talking to a computer.

So far so good

Great app! So far all items I relieved was what I expected.

Happy Custa

So many rewards and amazing services.

Best app

Best app ever

Posh Sellers: Use Mercari

Poshmark puts no effort into protecting the sellers. Dont waste 20% of your sale.


Customer service is atrocious! I put up my Cartier bracelet and had it taken down "reason: this item has been taken down to many times" NOT ONCE did I take down or did Mercari take down that listing before... Then I get banned for 3 hours. Speechless

Used to be great

Ive been a seller on this app since Dec. Made a lot of money, and really enjoyed it. But mercari just deleted my account, I had no warnings or anything! Tried contacting customer service several times and all there is, is automated replies. Customer service is really bad.


Great app that gets you expensive things for a low price and objects are mostly in great condition


This app is the best thing Ive ever come across. The people on there are so kind, the arrangement of the buying/selling is genius, and its a great way to make extra cash AND to get those coveted items that you normally couldnt (or wouldnt want to) afford. I personally joined in search of cheaper prices for makeup products and was entirely astonished to find ABH and Kylie cosmetics for such low prices. Anyone interested in makeup, or anything for that matter, needs this app.

I think its nice

Everything Ive bought has been nice and Ive sold some too. You just have to be smart


Lit AF

Was great

It was great great app but poor costumer service! And if someone flag your item even its Authentic they will delete your item and blocked your account! Bad

Mary reliable shopping experience

My car is a really good app they have loads of different categories of items to buy I would definitely recommend my car into a friend over some places like posh Mark or eBay or those kind of sites they always have a good deal going on and sometimes if you register at a certain time or so they will give you a free 10 credit

Very pleased

Sell and buy with ease and safety. Im a big fan.

Good service

Ive received my package in perfect conditions and fast!!!


The one benefit of using Mercari is that they do not take a percentage of your sales/asking price. However, their customer service is appalling. If you have a inquiry about a purchase or a sale, be prepared to wait a week for a reliable response from an actual human being. If you you have the unfortunate experience of needing a refund, you are very lucky if you ever receive your refund. Too many issues to make this app worth while!

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